Finding your dress

Shopping for your gown can be a wonderful experience...and there is also the issue of, 'if only it was the perfect fit.' Unless you have your gown custom-made which can be quite expensive, you will either buy off the rack, purchase online, or wear a vintage gown! No matter which way you choose, there are likely to be some adjustments who do you trust?
One of the biggest fears is that your beautiful gown will look altered. This will certainly not be the case with Bridal Edge, with over 30 years experience in the bridal and formal industry, including 'made to measure bridal', you are assured of a professional result.

Upon your first fitting with us, you will receive your alteration quote and suggested fitting dates for your gown. Remember, wedding, formal and debutante gowns are special dresses, hence its creation was time consuming and so is modifying or altering it. But do keep in mind that the purpose of an alteration is not just to have a perfectly fitting gown but also to make it as beautiful to everyone's eyes as is possible...after all, it is for a very special event, so making it 'your dress' is absolutely warranted.