Bunting #Mr & Mrs

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Rustic hessian triangle bunting!
This item measures 29cm x 23cm (top) and is sewn onto cute ivory jute with 80cm at each end, allowing you to tie it onto trees, hedges, bridges, the old barn, fences, or wherever you desire. With its rustic warmth and charm, this unique item includes 6 triangles, 4cm apart and will pleasantly assist in directing your special guests to the location of your wedding, or wow the crowd as a special decoration.

1. Materials: hessian/burlap, jute.
2. Colour: ivory on hessian/burlap.
3. Measurements: 29cm x 23cm (top), 80cm ivory jute at each end, 6 triangles, 4cm apart.
4. Shape: Triangle.
5. Style: Vintage, rustic, country.
6: Suitable for: Weddings, birthdays, parties, events, functions, decor.

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