Custom Made Men's Ties

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Posting Australia Wide
Bridal Edge is taking orders for Custom Made Ties and Pocket Squares. We can inform you of meteredge requirements and process your order quickly. Send your fabric to Bridal Edge or direct to Bridal Edge's Supplier and your ties will be posted to you within 2 to 3 weeks, details supplied upon enquiry.

When it comes to the guys, there’s nothing quite like a quality, well designed accessory to match the girls! If you’re looking for a classic, personalised result, custom ties are for you.
Contact Claire wiith any questions and please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Width variations...
Neck Ties - 6cm or 8cm
Slimboys - approximately 8cm
Fatboys - approximately 15cm
Bow Ties - 5cm or 7.5cm

If possible order your matching fabric when you select your bridesmaids dresses or purchase medium weight satin or 100% silk for a quality result. Prices range from $10 - 14 for a Pocket Square | $40 - 50 for a Neck Tie | depending on style and numbers ordered.
Meterage Requirements...

Neck Ties
Up to 2 - 90cm | Up to 4 - 110cm | Up to 6 - 180cm
Pocket Squares
Up to 3 - 30cm

Boy's Ties and Cravattes also available.